In a world full of “rug pulls”, scams, and lack of transparency comes SMEGMARS, a coin designed to give people a chance at what they've been searching for this entire time; A fair, honest chance at making life changing money. Our goal is simple, to have fun, make money, and DONATE to testicular/penile cancer research. People always ask, “wen moon?” well, we finally have an answer for you, “when dickcheese on moon".

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Our Mission

Our team has carefully analyzed the market and we noticed quite a few important things about the world of “shitcoins”:
1. Most coins fail after the first few days due to lack of funding/success and overall hype that existed within the initial launch and shortly after.
2. The coins that have some of the most successful launches are those that have a solid branding (whether that be coin name, or marketing), a large group interested, and finally, a fair and safe contract whereby investors know that they can trust putting their money into a coin without having to worry about “rug pulls” or other scummy tactics within the “shitcoin” world.

Plain and simple, most people lose interest, take their quick 2-5x and move on. This is what SMEGMARS aims to break. No more paper-hands after 2-5x. No more fears about “is this safe? Is this a rug pull?”. Instead, we all work together towards the goal of landing on the moon via our communical dickcheese fuel. Join us on our mission

How to Buy

Buy SMEGMARS on Pancakeswap

Here, you will learn how to buy Smegmars on Pancakeswap, allowing you to be a certified SMEGMARS Holder!


Company Roadmap

An outline of our future goals that will be meeting, stated in chronological order. We dream big at SMEGMARS


- Assemble team of Admins to run channels and effectively answer any questions if needed.
- Building proper branding, marketing connections, and Telegram/Discord presence.
- Develop FAIR, SAFE, and UNRUGGABLE BSC contract.


- Fairly launch contract: No burning of tokens, no airdrops.
- Adding/Locking liquidity.
- Renounce contract.



Post $1 Market-cap:

- Buy Lambo
- Determine if moon is truly made of cheese (dick cheese)
- Donate to testicular/penile cancer research